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Laser Levels

Spectra Precision Laser Levels cover a range to suit every need on site. From checking elevations, managing concrete pours, estimating cut and fill, forms, footings and foundations to long range machine control applications and excavations

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Internal Lasers

Spectra Precision Interior Lasers are the leading construction tools for alignment and layout provide speed, accuracy and convenience. The horizontal and vertical lasers are designed to work with common construction materials and infrastructure such as drywall, wall anchors, and reference marks.

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Grade Lasers

Spectra Precision Grade Lasers are available in a wide range of grade lasers for levelling concrete forms and footers, slope grading and excavating applications. Both single grade and dual grade laser options, allowing you to level, grade and vertical alignment with plumb. The top of the range Grade Lasers are available in 3 models so you can select the right laser transmitter for the right application. The GL700 series offers the most innovative features Long Range Remote Control, PlaneLok, and Grade Matching - to help you get to grade faster with increased accuracy.

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Laser Receivers

The Spectra Precision range of laser receivers are used for basic and advanced levelling and aligning applications. Suitable with all Spectra Precision Lasers, there is a laser sensor for any job you need.

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Pipe Lasers

Spectra Precision Pipe Lasers are perfect for underground utilities in commercial and residential projects. The rugged pipe lasers help you accurate align pipe work-even in the toughest environment. Pipe lasers are suitable for the installation of gravity flow sanitary and storm sewer pipelines, pipe jacking and tunnel boring.

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